Our mission is to provide innovative systems that deploy first responders, equipment, and supplies to distressed communities.

A Unique Approach

Flight 1 Carriers offers a unique approach to relief services by providing both ongoing disaster relief and incident emergency response to those in need.

Community Crisis Response: provides ongoing relief through supplies sourcing, coordination and operations, as well as the manpower to distribute and provide direct support to citizens and communities.

Disaster Relief Transportation: provides incident emergency response as a separate, but closely coordinated, component to relief services. Existing solely to ensure efficient and timely delivery, we provide ground and air transportation of resources and supplies to affected areas and neighborhoods.

It’s our dually-focused operations that makes Flight1 Carriers unique. Our ability to own and coordinate relief operations at both ends of the spectrum allows efficiencies in resources – and most importantly the speed in supplying relief.

Roots In The Community

Our CEO, Bryant Smith, established Flight 1 Carriers as a result of his more than 22 years of work managing social and ecologic restoration projects throughout communities in the United States.

Deployed to numerous communities throughout his career, Smith’s awareness of the many populations in need came early.  During his lengthy career on the ground (and in the air as a pilot!), his experiences while serving unsheltered homeless citizens, poverty-stricken families, and refugees began to reveal many systematic inefficiencies in how services and supplies are delivered to those in need.

It’s these inefficiencies that inspired Smith to come back to his roots in Baltimore and launch Flight1 Carriers. After all, Baltimore is a community in crisis, and what better way to serve than planting a foundation in his own backyard?

Fast-forward to now, Baltimore has become the model ecosystem for Smith’s vision:  a new brand of problem-solving service organization. In just a few years Flight1 Carriers has built an ever-evolving organization that is successfully bridging resource gaps.  With new, innovative systems in place, We’re able to deliver supplies, manpower and transportation with both efficiencies and effectiveness that were once out of reach.

And, we’re improving all the time! With every need comes a new opportunity. We tirelessly review our plans and performance to find new ways to optimize our response impact – giving us the ability to improve with each service call.

How do we do it? Early on Smith determined that by broadening the definition of what is considered a disaster, Flight 1 Carriers could access resources previously unavailable to communities in crisis. Along with his experience in logistics and transportation, new access to supplies and related resources allows us to assemble meaningful support for these populations and communities in crisis as well as for areas affected by other types of disasters.

Join the Consortium Think-Tank

Flight1 Carriers Consortium: Innovation Think-Tank

To ensure we are prepared for the future and that we remain forward thinking, Flight 1 Carriers has established a think-tank called the Flight 1 Carriers Consortium. The Consortium, representing individuals, businesses, and academic institutions, is a team of designers, engineers, fabricators, and other professionals who have come together to develop disaster response products and programs, and to identify and partner with additional service supply sources.  Please contact us to participate and learn more.
Join the Consortium Think-Tank