Direct to Citizen Support

Community Crisis Response provides ongoing disaster relief to distressed citizens and neighborhoods in need of support and stabilization. A multi-faceted operation, Flight 1 Carriers’ Crisis Response Team sources supplies, coordinates relief efforts, and provides the manpower to distribute direct support to citizens and communities.

We’re in need of your support to maintain and grow our ability to serve.

Our core expense centers include:

Flight 1 Carriers Supply Packs

Flight 1 Carriers produces two types of service supply packs for distribution:

  • Disaster Response Pack: This is a supply pack that includes healthy dried foods and hygiene supplies.
  • Humanitarian Aid Pack: This pack includes healthy dried foods, as well as three meals that can feed up to six people.

We work with volunteers to help fill and seal each pack. We are able to provide these items through corporate sponsorships and foundation support, and we partner with our service provider network to distribute the packs.

Emergency Deployment Center

Our Emergency Deployment Center (EDC) is housed in a 3,000-square foot building in Baltimore. The space is set up to accommodate an inventory of disaster- and crisis-response supplies, such as dried food, survival materials, and equipment. When needed, supplies are distributed through a network of service providers including non-profit organizations, church-affiliated groups, homeless shelters, community development centers, as well as city, state and federal agencies.

The EDC is also the source for our Healthy Food Deployment Program, through which we deliver food and other supplies to homeless people, refugee and poverty-stricken families, and senior residents. We manage a network of food providers, such as food manufacturers and produce growers, to support our programs.

In addition, our EDC supports the community by providing volunteer programs that include disaster- and crisis-response training, as well as development workshops that teach healing and expression through art for people in need.