A strong community promotes a strong worker – a valuable resource to business in any community. Our goal of strengthening communities makes Flight1 Carriers a valuable asset to your company. That’s why your support plays an important role in our continued mission – and yours. Your donations through dollars or supplies provides the foundation of what Flight1 Carriers delivers to those in need. Your support of employee volunteerism, or through donating service hours to our operations, helps us deliver aid to those families your community.

Here are a few ways we can benefit from your help.

Corporate Donation

The easiest way to support us, of course, is through a corporate donation. This could be in the form of a monetary gift or items that we can use in our outreach efforts. We’re flexible on how we recognize our corporate partners, so let’s talk about how we can make sure people know how you’ve supported us.

Make a Donation

Your secure PayPal monetary donation of $10 or more goes a long way to provide for you neighbors in need.

Online Donations Coming Soon!
Until then, please call 410-440-0441

Sign up to Volunteer

Donate your time to work with us at our Emergency Deployment Center or any one of our events.

We need your help! Sign up today.

Volunteer Now!

Employee Volunteerism

If you allow your employees to use work time for volunteer efforts, we’d love to be one of your preferred charitable organizations. We have many events and programs that they are welcome to participate in. We can also work with you to develop an all-employee volunteer event that promotes both our organizations.

Seasonal & Urgent Need Support

Another way we benefit from your help is by providing seasonal support, such as during the winter holidays. We find that the community needs

Get involved! Contact us to enroll your company or employees in on-going support or sponsorship.